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The Encounters series of posts is one of the main focuses of mine for 2012, as outlined in my post A New Year’s Plan: Death, Poverty and the Household Economy. In these posts, I’ll be relating experiences of mine in which I’ve found myself connected to another creature in this world. The series will be about these interactions and will serve as an effort to help bring us away from the hubris and arrogance we so routinely engage in as human beings, and bring us back to a connection to the broader world around us, as well as a recognition of the mystery and magic of that world. One of the core themes of this series is that we are a species, much as any other species on this planet, and that we have much to learn from our fellow creatures.

The full archive of Encounters posts are linked below. New posts will be linked on this page as they are published.

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The Introduction

The Series


Posted December 26, 2011 by Joel Caris

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