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The weather here this week has been beautiful. It’s been sunny and warm, which is a real blessing this time of year as it can just as easily be cool and rainy. I’ve been glorying in it and getting some work done on my long-delayed garden plans. I’ve also been socializing and working otherwise, so that’s part of the reason there’s been no new post in the last week.

I have more gardening, working and socializing happening today, so here are a few pictures of the Oregon coast to help tide you all over. I actually will be heading out to the first pictured spot later today with some friends. It’s a place that always calms and reinvigorates me.

Waves crashing against the cliffs, along the Oregon coast.


Looking north from Cape Falcon, on the Oregon coast.


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5 responses to “Photos: Oregon Coastal Cliffs

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  1. Beautiful! Would like to see it some day…

    Craig Cavanaugh
  2. Hi Joel.
    Great photos, stunning scenery. Bet those conifers (or pines) hanging onto the edge are hardy. Nature in full force, the sound of the waves crashing against the granite cliffs would be awesome.

    So, that’s where the sunny weather went. It’s been cloudy, cold, windy, misty and rainy for the past three days now and I’m seriously over it.

    I’m almost finished cooking (all on the wood stove and oven now since about two weeks ago) a Key Lime Pie (well the base was anyway) – very Miami, but down under instead! Well, actually it’s technically an Australian Round Lime Pie. I had all of these ripening limes on the tree and no idea what to do with them and remember watching a Dexter (yeah, it’s my guilty secret – I know I shouldn’t like the show, but it just keeps drawing me back – it’s the only TV I watch now) episode a few years back featuring a Key Lime Pie.

    It is really errie when you show photos because sometimes the scenery has an equivalent to this part of the world. Check out some of the photos of the Great Ocean Road which is about 2 hours drive south west of my location. The mountains fall straight into the ocean and back up higher in the Otway National Park is some amazing tall eucalypt and also large stands of rainforest. It contains the wettest spot in the state.

    Thanks for the comment too. Chris

    • Chris –

      Many of the pics you posted are equivalent to the coastal scenery hereabouts – particularly along a portion of highway one that extends along northern California’s ‘Lost Coast’ from just north of San Francisco almost up to the Oregon border – and on into Oregon itself; about 400 miles altogether. The pics that Joel posted are of Cape Falcon, which is further north by a couple of hundred miles; the terrain is similar although the flora differs a bit.


    • The sound of the waves is nice, indeed, as are all the gulls flying around and skimming along the cliff faces. And yeah, I imagine those trees are pretty dang hardy. We get some mighty good winds on the coast, so they must have a good grip.

      The sunny weather does seem to have migrated over to us and I have to say I’ve been loving it. It’s been a nicer stretch of weather than I think is usual for this time of year. I know it wasn’t this lovely last year at this time! But we may have some rain coming in Monday. A bit of that would be good, actually, just to keep things from drying out too much, but I hope it gets back to sun before too long, or falls into a nice pattern of sun alternating with a bit of rain. I’m just starting to get the garden going (more on that soon) and so don’t want it to drop back into a long, rainy pattern.

      Dexter! I have to admit I watch it, too. I still watch a bit more TV than I should, but oh well. I remember that episode. It made me want to try Key Lime pie–which, so far as I remember, I’ve never actually had. I need to do that one of these days. I always think of it like a lemon meringue pie, but I’m not sure if it’s like that at all. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a Key Lime opportunity.

      You’re right, the Great Ocean Road does have some similarities in appearance. Looks like a beautiful place to go check out. I’ve more than once found myself gaping at the landscape around me—not just out on the coast, but the view right outside my house—and being amazed at just how striking it is. I’m lucky, indeed, to be here.

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