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Photos: Off-The-Grid Cooking   Leave a comment

Tonight we’re making chicken soup with the bones of two raised-and-slaughtered-on-the-farm chickens that we cooked up over an open fire last night. The soup’s being cooked on our rocket stove, which was made here on the farm utilizing clay from the land.

Cooking off-the-grid style, using a rocket stove made with clay from the land and burning pieces of scrap wood from around our wood shed. Chicken soup is indeed good for the soul.

Photos: Grounded   1 comment

Yesterday, after we harvested for the market, I headed out to the coast for a relaxing afternoon of food, beer, reading and writing. I went to a particularly treasured spot and thought I would share a couple pictures.

The moss felt so soft.


Looking up the hill from where I stood barefoot.


Looking toward Cape Falcon.


A favorite hang out spot for gulls and other birds.


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Photos: A Nursing Attempt   Leave a comment

Our farm kitten, M, attempts to nurse on Fiona--even though Fiona is her aunt. Not to mention dry. And barely tolerating it, by the look on her face. Completely adorable, though.

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Photos: Caterpillars and Chopped Wood   1 comment

“Photos” posts will be one of the regular features here on Of The Hands. It’s fairly self-explanatory, consisting of photos of various creatures, beings and objects I encounter in day-to-day life which I find beautiful or compelling. Particularly, the “Photos” category is for pictures I don’t have much in particular to say about–except for perhaps where and how I took them–but that I want to share.

The following photos were taken while I was chopping wood earlier today. These caterpillars were hanging out next to me, eating the entire time I was working. A few minutes passed before I noticed them. Their sheer numbers took me by surprise and inspired me to grab my camera.

[Note: Edited twice, as I changed this category from “Beauty” to “Frames” and now to the straightforward “Photos” – 08/13/2011]

Once the surprise and pleasure of seeing all these caterpillars converging upon one poor plant settled, I returned to splitting wood. After maybe 45 minutes of chopping, I ended with a beautiful piece of wood, its waved grain evoking thoughts of water.

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