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The format of this blog and site may change as it grows, but for now it is designed simply. The header graphic and “Home” in the menu bar take you to the front page, which contains all this site’s blog posts in chronological order. The other categories in the top menu bar will simply take you to a page with only those posts that have been tagged as such–so clicking “Homesteading” will take you to a page with only the blog posts about homesteading. This will allow people to focus in on a particular subject if desired. Remember, though, that all of these posts, no matter how they are tagged, will appear on the home page. I encourage readers to explore all the site’s writings there.

The “About” and “How This Site Works” links in the menu bar will take you to static pages with their relevant information. The left hand column on all of the site’s pages include a search bar for the site, monthly archives of posts, links to sites I think are worthwhile, and quotations.

You can read the introductory blog post, in which I describe the purpose and philosophy of this site, right here.


Posted August 6, 2011 by Joel Caris

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